MIT Hack
Day 23
There’s one interesting fact: hacks in MIT are actually encouraged, which are based on their tradition, and ethics. I really like this idea growing on campus which pushes students to do out-of-bounds thinkings, the key to stand out in a crowd. Instead of learning the same stuff from the textbook, it’s more important of knowing to how think independently and being creative in building new stuffs or breaking existing rules.
Yeqing and I walked around MIT and Harvard campus this morning, where I found one police car installed in MIT Stata Center.
A-ha, I know its story!
It's from the classic hack in MIT involved a police car with its flashing warning lights operating. The special part of this hack was the position - on top of MIT’s Great Dome. The car's number was pi, and its license plate was "IHTFP", the abbreviation for "I Hate This Fucking Place". More, there was a campus patrolman sitting inside with mug of coffee and a box of donuts.
MIT @ Boston. June 4, 2015
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