VISA Application
Getting the exchange student visa, J-1, requires a very complex and long process, which is because that American Government is being super strict on their national security things. Last time I worked on U.S visa application is for the trip to Stanford, and this would be my second time. Here, I am writing down the steps:
  • DS-2019: received from the exchange school (CMU) via UPS
  • I-901: pay the SEVIS fee for exchange program (visa card acceptable)
  • DS-160: fill out a super long form, including education/working experience, previous trips, etc
  • MRV fee: pay for the cost of this application process
  • Reserve an appointment at AIT
  • Go to AIT for the appointment
  • Wait for J-1 visa
Since I can only reserve an appointment after the second day of MRRV fee payment, I am now at the step 4. More, J-1 visa is for exchange programs, and F-1, which I used for Stanford summer college, is for general international students. And, J-1 is having more limits than F-1, which only allows me to stay 30 days after it expires.
River Bank @ Xindian, Taiwan. December 6, 2014
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