Course Registrations
It’s so difficult for exchange students to enroll into the courses. Before I arrive this place, there's only one course on my list since I don’t meet any pre-requisite of the others. I have to send lots of emails to each professor and tell them my situation in order to get into the class, which turns a really inefficient process.
I was a bad feeling because I was not taking any course for sure, and have no permission to access course materials. Also, in the same time, lots of assignment is given in the first or second class. All I can do is keep sending emails to the instructors and advisor; however, since they are also pretty busy this week, I decided to find them directly in the office or after the class, which turned a good solution in the end.
I am now enrolled in 4 courses, and they are all the ones I like:
  • Principles of Software Construction (2nd year CS course, it’s a big one)
  • Web Application Development (4th year CS course, it’s even bigger with hundreds of people on the wait list)
  • Network Security (graduate ECE course, it’s taught by an Indian professor)
  • Advanced Web Design (design school course)
There are also more than 5 assignments in my to-do list for the first week. It's tough and challenging so far, especially the time I have to talk to each professor of my courses.
My apartment @ Pittsburgh. January 17, 2015
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