We Shouldn’t be Perfect
It’s been a long time since we were little, we have been trained to finish all the works, and be asked to stay perfect. Yes, and now we are really good at it, we work so hard and be perfect. Then, we find the jobs or places that we have enough ability to be perfect; if not, we try our best to avoid or just give it up.
Right, this works well so far, and I believe it will also work in the rest of our lives. However, the problem is that we will totally lose the chance to improve our own abilities. For sure, we can pick a safe place with easy works, and be satisfied with it; but, we can also take all the challenges or ask for new challenges. We may not do well or even fail by taking the latter one, but it won’t matter and no one is going to laugh at you. Take the tougher road and try your best, leave the easy world then enjoy the life. This is what I learned these days, and would like to keep reminding myself in the future.
Illinois. April 11, 2015
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