End of Farewells
I've met lots of friends these days for saying goodbyes. However, I tried to stay silence most of the time but listen, so that I can know what they are busy for and what are their current passions. A friend of mine gave me a self-designed book, which is attached with recipes, because she knows that I don’t know much about cooking but she hopes me can survive in America. The book is really meaningful for me, and I can tell that she didn't sleep last night for finishing making the book.
I also had great meals with all these friends and my family. Time flies. Finally, it’s the end of farewell parties. The flight will be taken off next morning, and I should sleep now. Again, it’s important to remember my three goals for this trip: "Be humble and learn", "Open, and talk with people", and "Observe and think".
Taipei, Taiwan. January 7, 2015
Last modified 2yr ago
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