It's Beyond My Ability, But Take It!
I told Emma that the new task is actually beyond my ability, and she said that I may have to give it up, no harm. Interesting, "it's tough enough, but it doesn't mean I can't try it!", I responsed. Yes, we are young, and there’s nothing we can lose at this point, so go for it! I know I will miss this place seriously when I go back; I know I won’t forgive myself if I was not trying my best to be perfect; I know I will miss every person I meet here.
There’s one job I got recently, which is kind of beyond my ability, but I still think I should take it. No one knows what will happen next day, and that’s the reason the life is fun. We just booked flight tickets to Florida last week, and will depart tomorrow. With not enough plan, I believe this trip will be casual but fun.
Campus @ CMU. March 5, 2015
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